How about dockage for  some REALLY big sport fish boats?   When i designed the slips i permitted wider than i currently placed the tie poles; so increasing to a beam of I think 26-28  feet or even bigger if needed should be no problem and not require a permit.  If someone wants to fit a boat longer than 45' in the slip it could be done no problem but if it was my boat I would want some other tie poles further out to hold it in a storm which  would require a permit but should also be no issue at all.  The current regulations state that you can go up to a third across the canal; which i think is over 80 feet so not problem there. For a sport fish up to 60' all that would be needed i think are two more tie poles about 8-10 feet past the current dock which could be installed for a few hundred bucks and few bucks for the permit.  I drew up a schematic for a 26x54 slip which should be adequate for a 55-60 foot sport fish with an 18' beam. The Left slip is the slip that would be best for a wide beamed multihull.

Floating Dock Option:  I always wanted one out past the terminal platform for swimming and launching Kayaks and SUP boards but did not want to block the ability to have friends easily tie up at the end of the dock.  If you put in the extra tie poles putting a floating dock on the end would be a no brainer and WOULD BE AWESOME!   Floating docks require no permit as they are not permanent.

About the dock...

About the house...

518 129th ave east

1950 square feet, 3 bed, 2 bath, home office

About the property...

The dock was built as new construction around ten years ago and was designed by me for ultimate utility and flexibility.   The dock is 100% legal and fully permitted...  many are not so be careful and check before a purchase.  The  "terminal platform" (which does not include the 4' access walkway) was built to the maximum sized dimensions allowable by law.  

The Terminal platform is large enough that each year on Thanksgiving and Christmas we bring the dining room table out there and have a nice family meal;  its a great place to hang out and for entertaining.  For docking large vessels;  the boats are arranged tangentially to the seawall and the slips are easily able to accommodate a 40' boat (We had a 44' Beneteau stay with us for 2 years) and the slips are more than 6 feet deep even at the lowest of low tides.  Smaller boats, easily up to 25'-30 long can be parked parallel to the seawall so that four  boats can be accommodated in the slips;  this is quite convenient to let friends tie up their boats for the holiday weekend or for a shotgun start if you like to take part in fishing tournaments.   

For even larger boats; they can pull up at the end of the dock.  I have hosted friends in boats up to a 60' sport-fishing boats for the weekend.

Additionally  at one time I almost purchased a 40' trimaran with a 32' beam...  the owner was selling it cheap as he could not find a slip where he could keep the thing and my home was one of the few homes that can handle such a beast!   All I would have needed to was to move the tie poles on the Left side boat slip out far enough to  accommodate the craft then tie her up.

For the hardcore fisherman and divers:  There is a covered porch on the rear of the house that is great storage for all the boating stuff;  I used to have a 32 foot commercial fishing and diving boat and kept my coolers, my ice making machine, my SCUBA compressor, and more than 20 SCUBA tanks out there...  talk about convenience!  It really does not get any better than that;  Im really gonna miss this house!

For size comparisons, the sailboat in the picture below is a 31' Catalina...  plenty of room for something much bigger!

516 129th ave east

1400 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bath

This home is ideally situated on a private residential cul-de-sac;  but is only a five minute walk from World Famous Johns Pass Village and ten Minutes from Madeira Beach.  Having a home that is such a private tropical Oasis yet so close to the beach, shops and restaurants is a pleasure that allows you to enjoy the best of the Florida waterfront lifestyle.

The Property is beautifully landscaped in tropical plants including Royal Palm, Queen Palm, Washingtonian Palm, and Areca palm, Triangle Palm, a large robust Schefflera, several nice Plumeria,  and a bunch of nice delicious Banana's that frame the property on either side.

We have more than 120 feet of Waterfront  and the canal is loaded with wildlife including lots of manatee's and Dolphin (typically seen daily) and has great fishing right from the sea wall and dock.

Fishing:   Right from the dock  (usually from underneath it) just about any time of year you can catch Sheepshead, Redfish and Snook.  You can cast net for Mullet when they are in the canal.  Most years during the Tarpon run some come into the canal and I caught one Tarpon from the dock.  I often see Cobia cruising along the seawall;  but have not caught an yet.   Crab traps placed under the dock and right off the seawall catch lots of Stone Crab, a fair amount of Blue Crab and just once,  a legal 23" Gag grouper.

John 's Pass House was built in 1956 as a small waterfront duplex but was rebuilt and significantly enlarged in the 1980's and made into this wonderful, fun, eclectic home that it is today.  Currently there are 3,450 square feet of living space not including the air conditioned laundry room, the large enclosed storage room,  or the covered out door spaces.

The layout of this home makes it extremely flexible;   it is legally a duplex but I have utilized it mostly as a single family home for me and my family as  the two sides of the home are  adjoined through a central door like those found in hotels.

Intermittently  (usually seasonally) I have utilized half of the home as my own and rented out the other half of the home for income or let friends and relative stay there and since I have relocated to Wyoming I have rented both sides of  the home for income generation.

At other times I have rented the entire home and enjoyed the surplus income that it has always provided me.

The floors made of original Saltillo Mexican Tile (complete with dog, cat, and chicken foot prints), large walls of glass overlooking the water and open spaces with oak banisters highlight a home that is perfect for entertaining family, friends and business associates.

From the master bedroom a large deck overlooks the docks and canal; the perfect place for a cup of coffee before thee day starts.

Also please take note that this home HAS NEVER FLOODED or been damaged by a storm in the 60 years since its construction; and probably never will.  Flooding due to storms is very location dependent and has to do with lots of geographical specifics. There are several factors in this regard:

1)  Region of Florida:  The first is that this part of Florida is historically less affected by hurricanes that if in the area typically head north towards Louisiana and Florida's panhandle.  

2)  Local Factors: The first local factor is that the corkscrew shape of this particular canal means that no matter what the direction the wind is blowing,  it is always blowing the water out of our canal so that it cant "pile up" into the canal and cause flooding.  

3)  The second local factor is that the homes on this street are about a foot higher than on the other side of the canal and on many other local roads; so when the water levels do rise in our canal the water stops rising a foot lower than the foundation; and all the water floods out over 131st avenue which acts like an escape valve for us.  

Flooding events are public records... this house has never flooded and after having been present in the home for many storms and watching the wind, weather, waves and the canals i don't think that it ever will.   I suggest that you do the research on the flood history of any house before you buy. I have already done it on this one.

During storms I usually have a few tropical drinks and  paddle my SUP over to my friends house on 131st ave to help him prep his house which has flooded several times in the past; because for this house there is very little concern and we do almost nothing for storm preparation.  I just take the furniture off the dock and put it in the covered back porch and tie a few extra lines to the boats.